The subtitle of this art space is a statement of principles. Inviting you to enter this shop for pure pleasure's sake, Hans Hoetink is proposing a new way of showing, experiencing and acquiring contemporary art. The one certainty that may arise in a world filled with uncertainties are your feelings. The only thing you can clearly perceive is what moves you. Art as a synonym for pleasure and experience.

The gallery space exhibits works of contemporary art next to beautiful art objects and pieces of furniture from different periods and styles. Each individual work gains from the exchange that takes place between the different pieces.

Hans Hoetink is a Dutch art historian who moved to Madrid in 1990 to work with auction house Sotheby's. After a brief stint at the Marlborough Gallery in Madrid, in 1994 he set up La Esfera del Arte, a contemporary art consultancy that over the course of 20 years has completed a great number of corporate art projects in Spain and Portugal.

Art for Pleasure

Hans Hoetink