Art Objects

Porcelain by Dis Berlín

Ceiling lamp by Alfonso Sicilia Sobrino

Ceramic dish by Miki Leal

Ceramic by Miki Leal

Table-top lamp by Jorge Varas

Ceramic jug by Luís Pérez Calvo

Ceramic sculpture by Luís Pérez Calvo

Our art objects are high-quality and hand-made unique pieces pieces of art.


Custom-made tables, ceramics, plates, lamps and rooms screens.

Room screen by Alfonso Sicilia Sobrino

Standing lamp by Jorge Varas

Glass sculpture by Javier Gómez

Glass sculpture by Javier Gómez

Table sculpture by Fernando Verdugo

Table sculpture byFernando Verdugo

Sculpture by Dis Berlín

Sculpture by Dis Berlín